Imada Cedar NTS-6-S5oz Motorized Rotating Torque Tester, 3.0 - 70.0 oz-in

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Imada Cedar NTS-6 Motorized Rotating Friction Torque Tester
9 Ranges up to 45.00 lb-in

The Imada Cedar NTS-6 is a motorized rotating torque tester that measures rotating dynamic torque while turning the sample.

Check the rotating torque, smoothness of rotation and components of small precision motors, such as, gearbox, bearings, oil seals, etc.

Torque data can be continuously output via RS-232 enabling you to display a torque profile using data acquisition software.


  • Peak, Real Time and Continuous Output measuring modes (selectable)
  • Programmable high/low setpoints for Go/No go testing
  • RS-232C output in Both CW and CCW operation

The available engineering units of measurement on the NTS-6 Rotating Torque Testers are oz-in, lb-in, N-m, N-cm and Kgf-cm.


Accuracy1% F.S., 1LSD
Measuring Range
(at the time of Track)
S1/oz: 3.0~100mNm
S2/oz: 3.0~200mNm
S5/oz: 0.030~0.5Nm
Max. Rotational
S1/oz: 85 rpm
S2/oz: 30 rpm
S5/oz: 13 rpm
S10: 18 rpm
S20: 18 rpm
S50: 5 rpm
Display4 digit LCD display
OperationBoth CW and CCW motorized rotation
Measuring modesPP: Peak Mode displays PEAK torque value that will not change until a higher value is measured.
GO: Real Time Mode displays TRANSIENT torque values.
RG: Output Torque Data every 1/100 seconds.
Measurement start timeCan be set up to 1 second in 0.1 second increments.
Measuring timeTime can be programmed between 1 and 20 seconds.
Go/No go testingProgrammable High and Low values; Green lamp (OK solid, NG blinking).
External input/outputSignal output (open collector): Go and No Go
Data output: RS-232C (9600 baud) External start switch input
Data memory400 data
Power supplyAC100V~240V
Bit size4mm diameter

Force Ranges

NTS-6-S10.030 - 0.900 lb-in
NTS-6-S20.030 - 1.740 lb-in
NTS-6-S50.30 - 4.50 lb-in
NTS-6-S100.30 - 9.00 lb-in
NTS-S200.30 - 17.40 lb-in
NTS-S500.30 - 45.00 lb-in
NTS-S1oz0.30 - 14.00 oz-in
NTS-S2oz0.30 - 28.00 oz-in
NTS-S5oz3.00 - 70.00 oz-in

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Product Price
Imada Cedar NTS-6-S5oz Motorized Rotating Torque Tester, 3.0 - 70.0 oz-in $5,434.00



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