AWS AWS-11000 Mechanical Torque Wrench Loader, 1000 lb-ft Capacity

Price: $ 4,695.00

AWS AWS-1000 Series Mechanical Torque Wrench Loader
3 Ranges up to 1000 lb-ft / 1350 Nm
Torque Tester Sold Separately
Optional Motor Kit

3 Models Available

  • AWS-1025:250 lb-ft / 340 Nm Capacity
  • AWS-1075:750 lb-ft / 1000 Nm Capacity
  • AWS-11000:1000 lb-ft / 1350 Nm Capacity

The AWS AWS-1000 series mechanical torque wrench loaders are designed for use with ourIT Transducers,MTMandTT-QCMtorque testers. These precision torque loaders allow operators to precisely test and calibrate torque wrenches up to 1000 lb-ft / 1350 Nm with measuring accuracy up to 0.25% of indicated readings, satisfying metrology lab requirements while providing the durability required for production environments.

An optional motor kit allows for automated testing, improving speed and repeatability.


  • Rugged Machined Aluminum Construction
  • Heavy-duty precision gear box for easy load application
  • Adjustable length and height for precise alignment with calibration mark
  • Motor kit available


Dimensions AWS-1025 12" x 12 x 30"
Dimensions AWS-107512" x 16" x 66"
Dimensions AWS-1100012" x 24" x 72"

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Torque Wrench Tester

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Product Price
AWS AWS-11000 Mechanical Torque Wrench Loader, 1000 lb-ft Capacity $4,695.00
Accessories Price
AWS-1000-TS Tombstone Adapter Plate for Torque Transducers $275.00
AWS-MTM-PLATE Adapter Plate, Loader to MTM $250.00
AWS-1000-4TS 4 Transducer Mounting Plate for AWS-1000 Series Torque Loaders $495.00
AWS-1000-ORP Offset Reaction Post for AWS-1000 Loader $275.00



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