TWT-410 Torque Wrench Loader
TWT-410 Torque Wrench Loader
Price: $ 2,800.00 up to $ 4,995.00
Torque Wrench Loader

Calibrates and verifies torque wrenches up 250 lb-ft / 340 Nm

Flexible design for various torque wrench lengths and brands
The TWT-410 is the ideal tool for calibration and verification of all types torque wrenches including, cam-over, click, slip, digital and dial. The test stand is available in capacities up to 250 lb-ft / 340 Nm. The flexible design of the TWT-400 is easy to use and is suitable for various torque wrench lengths and brands. The digital torque tester included with the TWT-400 can also be used to test power tools including impulse and DC electric drivers and wrenches with the use of arun-down-fixture(included with 1/4' and 3/8" sizes, optional on 1/2" models).

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